richard serra

For over 40 years, American artist Richard Serra has tested the limits and possibilities of sculpture, film and drawing. In the 1960s he began his investigation into the imaginative and physical potential of materials and their relationship with the site and viewer. Since the early 1970s Serra has become best-known for the monumental sculptures he has created for various architectural, urban and landscape settings.

Essential sculptures in the shapes and colors, more interested to disturbance of the surrounding space than to isolate themselves in their own identity, restricting the space theme to a synthesis carried out between architecture, painting and settings, involving the viewer in the work itself.


Tilted Arc was a sculpture that was created by Richard Serra as commissioned by the United States General Services Administration. It is situated at the Federal Plaza in New York. The Tilted Arc was made in 1981 but dismantled after some discussions in 1989. It was made of steel that measured 120 feet long and 12 feet high.The sculpture demonstrates contraction and expansion as a result of the viewer’s movement. It was dismantled after complaints of it being an eyesore, an inconvenient structure to walk around, and the cost that was used to build it.